Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dr Kiran Bedi

Am relieved my parents were not alive to hear the foul words used . I opted for electoral politics not for position or power but for serving the city which is my home for last over 40 years. A city which I have served in various capacities, though thick and thin.
I saw it through various challenges, International sports events, VIP security, political upheavals, communal riots, agitations, and more. On crime front I saw it through when Delhi was hit by terror from outside. I spent years to catch a wink with boots on and with wireless blaring to get on the street any moment. I did crime prevention saving women from being raped in rural areas on dark nights by erstwhile criminal tribes with literally no cops on involving village young men to patrol at night. While I was personally out 5 nights a week. Conducted traffic managment for Asian Games with hundreds of students doing traffic duties, when my senior wanted to send me to Japan on a course, just to edge me out. Traffic was revenue for review