Friday, 13 March 2015

Tips on How to Overcome the Examination Fever

1.Don’t under-estimate your powers and capabilities. Believe in yourself and you can win this world.
2.Set a target; your goal. Always set up a target that is one plus your potential. Work hard to achieve it and then even you will be amazed by your results. But that doesn’t mean that you strain yourself with undue pressure. If you got A instead of A+, that does not implies that you have failed.
3. Actions will speak not your anxiety or stress. If you cannot understand a topic or solve a problem, take help of your teachers and your friends in place of getting worried.
4. Make a time table. But make sure it’s a realistic one. No one can solve all the chapters of maths in one day. Don’t keep on studying one subject whole day. It won’t do any good besides bringing boredom.
5. Sleep tight at least for 6 hours. Yup I’m saying for 6 hours because I’m a student too. And no one can sleep soundly for 8 hours in exams, especially one who is suffering from sleeplessness. Don’t try to recall or revise while in bed; it can affect your sleep.
6. 15 minutes with the nature. Walk for some time on green grass early morning. Trust me cool breeze can do wonders on your more

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